Where the bodies are buried


I’ve always been a big fan of Christopher Brookmyre but his style has changed a little of late (although I quite liked the last one where hell opens up under a school trip) but now Brookmyre has changed his name from Christopher to Chris, it’s like saying “Right, I am now definitely not doing the funny, OTT stuff” because what is his latest, Where the Bodies are Buried? Well, more of a standard crime drama, that’s what it is. Ok, it’s still set in Glasgow and there are still a very few wry one liners, like Brookmyre can’t quite help himself but this is Brookmyre screaming “Look, I don’t write those kind of books anymore!”, which is a shame because Brookmyre’s books used to be hilariously funny and completely OTT at times and yet still be thrilling, scary and thought provoking. It’s like with Where The Bodies Are Buried, he’s still trying for (occasionally) at least menacing, thrilling and thought provoking but without the humour and some of the impossible plots, it doesn’t quite hit the mark. If Where The Bodies Were Buried was a TV show, it’d be one of those slow paced things on Channel 4, with multiple characters you have trouble remembering if they haven’t been in for a few episodes and you need crib notes to remember who did what. So if I haven’t completely character assassinated this book, it’s actually ‘ok’, telling the story of a young, rookie private investigator investigating her uncle’s disappearance, it’s just that oh Brookmyre’s books used to be so much better.

2 thoughts on “Where the bodies are buried

  1. I loved christopher Brookmyre from the first book I picked up and every book afterwards I devoured, I’d sit down to read and wouldn’t move til I’d finished…but then round about Hard Pencil I stopped, I’ve just not liked the blurb on the dust jacket enough to buy it…I enjoy jack parblane and angel x, I like the black humour, I don’t look to Brookmyre for proper crime books cos other people do it better…

    1. Totally agree. After writing the post I was looking through the reviews on Amazon for Where The Bodies Are Buried and one of the reviewers were quoting an interview from Brookmyre where he didn’t sound happy that people who read regular crime fiction don’t read his stuff, so Where The Bodies was obviously his attempt to woe the regular crime reader but like you say, other crime writers do it so much better.

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