A Foggy Walk (and Fridge Cake)

Today our part of London has been blanketed in fog, so I just had to make the most of the opportunity of the fog not lifting to go and take some photos in Richmond Park.

Richmond Park Fog 1

1. DSCF2585, 2. DSCF2587, 3. DSCF2592

(click on the imaginatively titled links for bigger, less square photos)

Unfortunately my camera then ran out of battery (a pet hate about my otherwise lovely camera, it is not long between the battery warning light and then the thing going dead on me, so I had no advance warning to change my batteries before going into the park). So I had to switch to my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app which, I think, acquitted itself very well (all the below were taken with the Libatique 75 lens and Ina’s 1935 film).

Hipstamatic Richmond Park
1. IMG_0855, 2. IMG_0856, 3. IMG_0857, 4. IMG_0858, 5. IMG_0859, 6. IMG_0861, 7. IMG_0862, 8. IMG_0864, 9. IMG_0869, 10. IMG_0871, 11. IMG_0872, 12. IMG_0874

I walked from Ham Gate to Penn Ponds to Pembroke Lodge and then home again. I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure where I was going a lot of the time, even though I know the park quite well, as the fog made all the familiar land marks disappear but that all added to the sense of adventure.

I loved how the fog brought everything that was in the foreground out so much more than if it had been a clear day. Richmond Park usually has some stunning views but with the fog blocking the views in the distance, it made the details in the foreground, such as a few lone trees or the dried grass and ferns, stand out so much more, so the photos today were definitely about them. I also loved how the fog seemed to make the palette of faded greens and yellows sing so much more. And the noise from the horses hooves on the road or the geese on the pond, so much louder. And oh Penn Ponds (pics 6-8 in the mosaic above), not being able to see the bank on the other side made it seem like it went on forever.

By the time I got home it was lunch time, just in time for the fridge cake me and the kids had made before I went out, to have set.

The recipe is from Lorraine Pascale’s Home Cooking Made Easy and as it says on the tin, was pretty easy, the kids pretty much made it themselves. Boy Lacer was convinced we were making Yorkshire Puddings, which he was very excited about, but that’s because some golden syrup went into the recipe and when he learnt how to make Yorkshire Puddings at school they ate them with golden syrup (the kids always make me laugh once they’ve had their Yorkshire pudding lesson, as they come out of it convinced anyone who actually buys their Yorkshire puddings ready made are mad). I have had requests from both of them to make it again (it was pretty delicious), although Boy Lacer has requested just milk chocolate in it next time (I used a mix of dark and milk chocolate) and I’m thinking mini marshmallows would be lovely in it to (although the kids aren’t that keen on those).


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