ZOMG 3 cushions!

Pattern : Urban Threads, Location : inside flap of a plain canvas bag I plan to personalise with embroidery, Done: for the hell of it

Yep, it’s that Christmas sewing time of year again, the beginning marked by my dad’s birthday, this is what I made him (at least it’s not a tea towel).

this tiny existence cushionThe embroidery pattern is by This Tiny Existence and was fun to stitch. My dad likes gardening, hence the choice of embroidery pattern and the tree fabric used (a V&A reproduction and Joel Dewbury) because my dad’s garden has a lot of trees in it and well, flowers are just sissy, on cushions anyway, if they’re for my dad.

Some close ups of the embroidery.

This Tiny Existence Garden Supplies

This Tiny Existence Garden Supplies

The outlining blackwork followed by all that satin stitching took ages, so I feel like (if I already had them) putting one of these on the cushion. Not so much though as I want to put a ‘this took ages to make’ label on these cushions below though, even though they were technically simpler.

Ryan Berkley cushions

These are for an aunt and a great aunt and once again I question why I bother? As I really don’t think these will be appreciated, not that I get thrown insults at every time I make a handmade gift for the older generation of my family, I am just more firmly believing, every year, that at least my older generation don’t get the whole handmade thing and maybe I should all just buy them tins of biscuits.

Anyway, these embroidery patterns are by Ryan Berkley for Sublime Stitching, I particularly like the blackbird (which I see now, having gone back to link to the pattern listing, is actually a robin, hmmmmm). I also like the cat but I so should not have chosen that green on her jacket.

3 thoughts on “ZOMG 3 cushions!

  1. I love the cushion you made for your dad. This Tiny Existence’s patterns are so cool. Granted, I’ve never attempted to stitch one 😉 but I do admire them from afar. I’d love to have both of those tree fabrics!

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