Dress like an Egyptian

Girl Lacer has been learning about Ancient Egypt this term in school and the highlight of it is the creation of the ‘Egyptian Museum’ in the school hall, displaying all the work they’ve been doing. The parents get to visit the museum and the pupils, dressed as either Egyptians or explorers, get to show them around.

So we’ve been working on Girl Lacer’s Egyptian costume at home or should I say that pretty much Girl Lacer has been working on her costume at home, as one of the joys of being an independent 8 year old is when it comes to things like this, she can take control. Right from when the letter came home from school, she had a firm idea of what she wanted to do, right down to the colour of the ribbon tying the “white sheet with a hole in the middle for my head” together. I did make some suggestions about the jewellery but she took my ideas and ran with them, very much making them her own.

I think the most fun thing to make was the gold bracelet, it’s a toilet tube cut through on one side, then adorned with string coated in PVA glue (and the very Egyptian googly eyes) and then when it was dried I sprayed it with gold spray paint and then when that was dry I lined it with some more red felt as I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of the soaked through (but dry of course) spray paint against her skin.

Anyway, Girl Lacer looked great (and I have to admit she looked as if she were one of the few classmates to have created her costume largely themselves) and her work on display was terrific, with a cartouche, pyramid, pastel work and jewellery.


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