Book covers and The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

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I have a 5 year line a day diary but it’s size and colour makes it look uncanningly like a hotel room bible, so I’ve been meaning to sew a cover for it for a while from the gorgeous The Liberty Book of Home Sewing and when I spotted some Cloud Nine Miscellany- Nethercote in Fabric Rehab, well, it was a sign. I remember seeing someone in the Flickr Embroidery pool using the fabric for the Feeling Stitchy embellished fabric August stitch a long (sorry, I can’t remember which member used it, otherwise I’d link directly to them) and I knew I had to have a go to.

The project was fairly easy but not without it’s disasters, as I got the seam allowance wrong and so had to do some unpicking on the diary cover, so consequently it looks a little dog eared. I got it right for the second book cover (the blue check), I love the fabric on that one, just it’s look and feel is all cosy.

This is the first time I’ve used The Liberty Book of Home Sewing and despite a bit of an issue with the seam allowance (I’m not 100% whether it was me or them), I am so going to be using this book over and over again, for a start I’m definitely planning some Christmas gifts from here. I can see myself making more book covers to, as there’s such a tactile, old fashioned look to them and they are quite quick to make. They’re also infinitely adaptable, I used fabric embellishment for my diary cover but I could have used an embroidery pattern on plain fabric, I could have also have used applique or maybe made the cover out of felt, just different choices of fabrics would change the feel and look completely.

As for other projects I’d like to make:

  • Eco shopper – I have to make these, they’re a brilliant shape and come with a bag holder to. I can so imagine going to the supermarket with an array of these in gorgeous, colourful prints.
  • The cook’s apron – the child size version for Boy Lacer for Christmas.
  • Washbag – to fill with girly toiletries for Girl Lacer for Christmas.
  • The tote bag is incredibly neat, each pattern has ‘taking it further ideas’ and for this pattern you can add press studs to the corners so that if you’re not carrying as much in your tote bag, you can fold the corners in and hey presto you’ve got a different shaped bag!
  • Jewellery Roll – I never used to be much of a jewellery person but I’m building up a collection of some gorgeous things from Etsy and currently it’s all over the place, so at the grand old age of 36, I finally need a jewellery roll.
  • Drawstring bag – I do need more drawstring bags in my life, definitely (they’re useful for holding embroidery projects on the go for a start).
  • Rose corsage – I plan on making this very soon.
  • Traditional cot quilt, which is pieced together hexagons, I would enlarge the pattern slightly to make it a lap quilt.
  • Contemporary Brick Quilt

There are also some quite big (as in size) projects for the home, such a bean bags, curtains and cushions.

I should warn though that there are no pattern sheets for the projects in this book but there seems to be clear instructions on creating your pattern.

This being a Liberty book, of course all the projects are made with some absolutely gorgeous Liberty fabrics, however all bar a peacock pincushion, you don’t absolutely need to use the specified fabrics (although it’s good that they specify exactly what fabrics they’re using in case you want to recreate the precise project), however the fabrics are so gorgeous it is tempting, but I think any print would work well with these but particular quite small scale florals.

Also of note, there is now also a Liberty Cross Stitch book, it’s only a matter of time before that one thumps into my Amazon basket . . .


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