Lavender Felt Hearts (and Kirstie Allsop’s Craft)

felt hearts

I can’t believe it, it’s still November (just) and I’ve completed all the not so immediate relatives Christmas presents, an early deadline definitely helps. The above hearts, made from instructions from Kirstie Allsop’s Craft book that accompanies here current TV series.

I’ve filled mine with lavender, although you don’t have to, buying my lavender again from these people, who I would again thoroughly recommend for smelly lavender and extremely speedy service.

There’s one each for my now extremely elderly granny (who is increasingly difficult to make / buy for and I thought she may like the smell of the lavender) and my two uncles, plus one for me (well there’s got to be some perks for Christmas crafting).

This is the first time I’ve used the Kirstie Allsop Craft book and I’m a little more impressed with it than the book that accompanied the first series, principally because there’s more projects and it’s less rambling. As always with Kirstie Allsop craft TV series and books, they’re not for the ultra serious crafter but for what they lack in depth, they do make up in breadth and Craft has chapters on needle crafts, textile crafts, paper crafts, food crafts, garden crafts and gift crafts, so it’s a good book to dip into if you want to try a craft you may not normally do. The projects include those featured in this current series plus the last Christmas series. Projects I’d like to try from the book include;

  • (possibly) the applique cushion, watching Kirstie vainly try to applique a hare onto a cushion a few weeks ago, I kept yelling at the TV “Bondaweb!” but part of me would like to try ‘proper’ applique
  • the absolutely brilliant cross stitch cushion of a sardine tin designed by none other than Emily Peacock
  • making natural dyes looks a challenge but fun
  • paper sculpture bird
  • paper bauble
  • making handmade paper with Girl Lacer would be fun
  • banana cake (no nuts, yay!)
  • garden pickles
  • elderflower cordial (if I can find elderflower)
  • mosaic – one day I will mosaic something, but I don’t think it’s practical for this flat
  • scarecrow – could be useful for the allotment
  • making perfume looks fun
  • lavender bath creamers and lavender bath bombs, well I do have quite a lot of lavender left . . .

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