Peacock clutch

peacock clutch

Yes, I know, I haven’t gone mad, promise, posting three projects in one day is a little excessive but these are all things I’ve been working on over the last week and today’s the day where I’ve been finally able to do the finishing touches / sew things up.

The clutch is from a pattern in Amy Karol‘s Bend-the-Rules Sewing, which has to be one of the first sewing books I ever bought. I did make a quilt from it and I remember wanting to make the clutch but the instructions for some strange reason completely stumped me, I say strange because actually, reading them now, the instructions are really easy. Anyway, I never did make the clutch and although I don’t really live the clutch kinda lifestyle, pretty much every Christmas since (which coincides with my annual increase in an actual social life), I’ve wished I had a prettier bag for going out than my normal rubbish laden great big sacks I normally walk around with. Well this Christmas I got my wish, although only prompted by this wedding I’m going to, I didn’t think any of my bags would have gone with my outfit.

Anyway the clutch did turn out a little smaller than I imagined it would be, but it just about holds my iPhone and keys, I will have to go out and get a smaller wallet though, so that I can actually carry money to. I am really pleased with this clutch, I love the vintage peacock pattern on it from Love to Sew over in the Hoop Love pool but I can’t see myself converting to a clutch lifestyle, it’s so small if I went out with it regularly I would spend the entire night worrying that I was going to put it down somewhere and loose everything. So, although it will most certainly go to the wedding with me, I’m not sure about it coming on my Christmas nights out.


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