The Lacers go to the seaside

I’ve had some annual leave I needed to use up, so I took Friday evening off (celebrated by eating pizza and watching X-Men – First Class, which was ok but like all X-Men movies I think, dragged a bit in places). I also took today off and went to the seaside.

We have been really remiss about taking the kids to the seaside, mainly due to Boy Lacer’s deep reluctance to travel anywhere in the car and although he is a little better in the car these days, for ease and convenience we chose to go by train and so the obvious destination was Brighton.

brighton 2

Now I grew up with regular trips to the seaside, it helped that for two good chunks of my childhood I lived on the South Welsh coast and then later on not too far from the North Norfolk coast and I grew up on what I considered then and still consider now, ‘proper beaches’, i.e wild, windswept and not an arcade in sight. So of course Brighton is not really my sort of beach but it is sooo easy to get to by train from London and whereas I’m not a big fan of arcades, the rest of my family on the other hand, big fans.

When we got to the beach front the sea was very much in.

brighton 1

It was nearly lunch time and we were looking for some ‘proper’ fish and chips, now of course Brighton is full of fish and chip cafes (the whole place smelled wonderfully of it) but me and Mr. Lacer are a bit fussy and we were looking for something that looked traditional because it’s not everyday you eat proper seaside fish and chips and London chippies just ain’t the same. But could we find any? No! Everything looked more like normal fast food places which aren’t the same (now have plenty of those in London). So in the end we went to Harry Ramsden’s and ate in, which wasn’t exactly traditional either (too ‘posh’ if you can call it that) but at least we could guarantee the food would be good and not too greasy (which it wasn’t).

After lunch the tide had started to go out and the sea was a lot calmer.

brighton 5

We went for a walk on the beach, although Boy Lacer, who remembers less about beaches than Girl Lacer, as we used to take the kids to the beach at least once or twice a year when they were a lot smaller and before Boy Lacer developed his car phobia but he was too young to remember us going back then, so he wasn’t too sure about what you were exactly meant to do on a beach now he was there. The poor thing had been so looking forward to making a sand castle and seeing a rock pool, neither things you can do on the exclusively pebbly Brighton beach. But then he saw the crazy golf, so soon found something to do.

We then went back on the pier

brighton 3

The kids had a go on the arcade and on some rides. The sun was just starting to set and the sky became filled with the most amazing sight (they’re starlings I think).

brighton 6

brighton 7

All in all, it was nice getting some sea air for the day and just nice to get out of London and nice to have a day out as all the family to, a combination of my job and Girl Lacer’s dance classes makes trips out a little tricky, but it has got me yearning for some, what I consider proper, seaside, but although I was dragged to the seaside in all weathers as a kid, Mr. Lacer being from land locked Northampton equates the seaside to purely hot weather, so would be miserable anywhere without an arcade to shelter in any time before May at the earliest, so I will just have to wait (and save up more annual leave).


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