The Wedding

Sorry for the blogging absence, first our fridge freezer broke down at the beginning of this week (less than 24 hours after it had been stocked up with a week’s worth of shopping) but we have nice new fridge freezer now which is slightly bigger than our old one and has a water dispenser and is frost free (maybe now no more arguments about putting the shopping away in the freezer). Then I got a bad cold.

Anyway we went to my cousin’s wedding yesterday, it was in Hampshire, in an old tithe barn, which was a lovely choice for a civil ceremony as the barn had the feel and age of an old church but was a lot more flexible in that the wedding area could be changed into the reception area once the guests had been ushered out into the cold to drink hot chocolate and champagne. The bride and groom were lucky with bright sunshine yesterday but ooh the bride must have been cold during the lengthy photo session outside.

I know I had promised a photo of what I was wearing yesterday but I wasn’t feeling at my most photogenic yesterday, so I’ll just describe it, I ended up wearing the turquoise long satin skirt I found, with a black cross over vest top from Banana Republic and a simple black cardigan from M&S and I had my hair up in a high ponytail.

I had planned on making a dress for Girl Lacer, had even got as far as washing the fabric for it (a fairly sophisticated navy blue with white pin dots) but then the fridge freezer and my cold got in the way, I will still make the dress but for the wedding I went out and brought this dress, also from M&S. It’s not the most attractive picture on the link to the M&S site (why is it that so many models on the M&S site, even the child ones, look sulky?) but it’s a beautiful dress and suits Girl Lacer down to a T. Quite 50ish in styling, the print on the dress is of two girls in flared skirts walking poodles. Girl Lacer wore it with her hair also up in a ponytail, tied back with a black ribbon (a multi tasking black ribbon at that, it was the tie on her Egyptian costume last week).

I had worried a little about us wearing so much black (or in Girl Lacer’s case grey and black) to a wedding, but when we arrived it looked like we were spot on, with lots of people wearing black and Girl Lacer was even more spot on because not only were lots of people wearing black, but so many people were rocking the 50s chick look, it looked great. Even the mother of the groom (my aunt), looked fantastic in a handmade 50’s style satin turquoise, full skirted dress, with a little black cardigan and a black netted hat (see black at winter weddings, obviously cool). Even Boy Lacer noticed me and his glamorous great aunt were wearing quite similar (in colour and material at least) outfits.

Despite not being able to make Girl Lacer a dress, I did have a little chance to do a little more crafting for it, after making my peacock clutch the other day I needed to make a purse small enough to go in it.

little purse

It’s just big enough for a bank card and some coins. Girl Lacer was particularly taken with it, so that got added to the list of possible birthday present ideas in the future. The embroidery on it is from Made in France, which is still one of my most favourite embroidery books.

I also made this


Which is the corsage from The Liberty Book of Home Sewing and although it doesn’t look that bad in the photo (taken on a pile of Mr. Lacer’s clothes not because he was the intended recipient of the corsage, nah that was never going to happen but because he’d dumped his clothes on the only spot in the flat that has good light at the moment) but the corsage is way too big and therefore way too heavy and floppy. When on it looks more like a blue and white spotted cabbage has attached itself to my chest. It was fiddly to make (it involved curling petals with an iron and a metal knitting needle and then shoving sewing needles through multiple layers of tough, bondawebbed fabric) and took ages, so it was a bit of a disappointment that it didn’t work, specially as the very centre of the corsage (which I put together first) did look like it was going to be good. But I’m sure there are probably easier / better / more wearable corsage patterns out there.

But back to the wedding, it was a lovely day, very posh (so as the first wedding Girl Lacer can remember I hope it hasn’t raised her expectations too high lol), everyone (including the kids, which can be a struggle at times) had a great time and the bride and groom looked so happy. Seems just like yesterday the groom was my tiny Superman obsessed cousin.

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