Book swap

Me and my Feeling Stitchy friend Nicole like to natter about books occasionally, as we have fairly similar tastes. So we decided recently to swap some books that we’d finished reading but I also couldn’t resist sending her some stitchy stuff to because it was a welcome break in between all my Christmas crafting for relatives who don’t really appreciate it (because I knew Nicole would). And anyway, at the time I’d just finished reading the latest issue of Mollie Makes and just had to have a go at one of the patterns in there, which just happened to be by one of our other Feeling Stitchy friends, Carina. So I made a card (adapting the pattern slightly by adding red beads for the berries instead of satin stitching them).

Noel card

I also (and partly because it was the perfect excuse to stitch this particular embroidery pattern by September House up) made a book bag, matching the colours of embroidery floss and the front piece of fabric with the colours of the backing fabric I used (same fabric as the handles) which was a V&A reproduction print of lots of tiny books.

I <3 books bag


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