Sausages and Bill Granger

Eek everyone’s going to be coming to this post every time Bill Granger does something stunning with sausages, which come to think of it, isn’t often is it? Sausages, not a key Bill Granger ingredient. Anyway the sausages in question were from Waitrose or the for the mainly meat squeamish (that would be me) vegetarian ones from Linda McCartney, no, in this meal’s case Bill Granger was ‘responsible’ for the side (butternut squash with sweet sesame glaze) and the desert (sticky rice with mango).

Excuse the hurried photo taken as I was busy trying to eat my food and cook dessert, how do people manage that?

The butternut squash with sweet sesame glaze was nice, the squash was certainly quicker to cook than if you roasted it but I still think roasted squash is my favourite. It made a nice change though, although the kids didn’t like it, I’d swear Boy Lacer thought I was trying to poison him, “I don’t like that orange stuff” he comes into the kitchen specifically to tell me (as I’m juggling my plate of food and the sticky rice). As usual I am not going to post the recipe because of copyright and stuff (trust me, because of my job now I am the last person who is going to do that) but put simply it’s just butternut squash boiled in a thin layer of water, brown sugar and soy sauce and it only took 10 minutes and it did give the squash a really nice flavour.

Now the sticky rice and mango was delicious, with the added bonus of smelling gorgeous as the arborio rice cooked in the coconut milk, although the amount of coconut milk specified wasn’t enough and I had to keep adding water as if I were cooking a normal risotto. The coconut rice was topped with mango and a syrup made with brown sugar and has to be the nicest dessert I’ve made in ages (down to Bill of course, not me), yet my fussy twosome didn’t like it. I think me and Mr. Lacer will eat all of it next time.

Both recipes were from Bill’s Everyday Asian.


2 thoughts on “Sausages and Bill Granger

    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 Yep, the sticky rice was fairly simple but ooh just eating the mango would have been even simpler.

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