Decoupage baubles and a stocking

Christmas has sort of passed me by, well ok, I do sort of feel Christmassy if I eat salted Pringles and crumpets at the same time (weird but true), help out at the school Christmas fair (oh ye people I sent countless cajoling e-mails trying to persuade them to sign up to the rota, it was you who missed out, working on the stalls is the best bit) and go shopping in John Lewis or Waitrose (both in the same building) when they’ve got a school choir or a brass band playing carols (my local John Lewis is galleried, so a choir or band can be heard anywhere within the store). But other than that, so far it’s sort of passed me by. So Girl Lacer was in charge of putting up the decorations this weekend (hey one of the advantages of 8 year old girls) but I did join in the spirit a little by making some decoupage baubles with her (I sort of pretended it was all about my over flowing scrap basket, which I love, rather than about Christmas). Now I had sworn, after the great decoupage incident of 2009, that I was never ever going to do decoupage ever again and I have been good to my word, decoupage to me is up there with scrap booking , but hey in this case I was decoupaging with fabric, so my strict vow didn’t apply.

Decoupage baubles
One of Girl Lacer's baubles
Decoupage baubles
One of my baubles

You can find the instructions to make them here. Girl Lacer had fun getting the fabric all gluey and sticking it on the baubles but quickly got bored cutting the fabric, so I had to do that. But I can report that decoupage with fabric is infinitely more preferable than with paper.

Today, to add to the decorations, I finally got round to making a Clothkits Christmas stocking that I’ve had in my fabric piles for nearly 2 years now. I bought it in a January sale in 2010 and didn’t get round to making it last Christmas, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I’d let another Christmas pass without sewing it up. So finally something out of my fabric stash and into the Christmas decoration box.

Clothkits stocking


2 thoughts on “Decoupage baubles and a stocking

  1. Christmas appears to be happening in our house without me actualy being engaged in it…somehow I am managing to keep up with commitments…

    love the cloth kits stocking…was surprised to see some clothkits stuff being sold in Hobbycraft…

    Right off to finish my christmas cards

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