Embroidered pillowcases

Be prepared for a slew of embroidery posts, I haven’t gone mad (again) but I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery over the last few weeks and as usual I leave the sewing it into something till the last minute, not that the two things below needed to be sewn into something, as I used pillowcases the kids already had (nothing is safe in this house).

I am actually (*whispers*) pretty much on top of my Christmas crafting, I do still have a few things to make, but bar one thing where just the thought of transferring the pattern terrifies me, so I haven’t started it yet, everything else I need to make is either in the aforementioned ‘I’ve embroidered it but I haven’t sewn it up yet’ pile or something that, shockingly, doesn’t need any embroidery at all. So, as I always have to have an embroidery project on the go at that moment, I found time to embroider a couple of pillowcases for Girl and Boy Lacer.

S's pillow case

S's pillow case

The pattern is by Cathy Gaubert and I thought Girl Lacer would particularly like it because the style of the pattern reminded me of one of our favourite illustrators, Quentin Blake. I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out, although trying to transfer the pattern through two layers of fabric wasn’t the easiest thing to do, so I haven’t got it quite right. This is a pattern I can easily see myself doing again, I think it would look quite nice stitched as blackwork on white fabric.

Z's Mario pillowcase

Z's Mario pillowcase

Now I’m really pleased with this one, it’s one of those cross stitch patterns that looks better stitched up than when it’s on the pattern sheet. I used waste canvas for this one, which is harder to remove that what I previously remembered. The Mario pattern (and Boy Lacer is obsessed with Mario) is from Cross Stitch Universe, although be warned, as you can see (and as I expected) the pattern is tiny, which is not what some people may expect considering the listing for this pattern shows a computer generated version of the stitched up pattern filling what looks like a medium sized frame.


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