Teacher gift bags and a Christmas card

I’m repping for Boy Lacer’s class again, so I’ve made a couple of gift bags to give to the teacher and the teaching assistant (for the voucher and pot plant we’re going to give them).

Teacher gift bags

The one on the left is for the class teacher (whose surname just happens to begin with C), the embroidery pattern is from September House, the same pattern set as the book bag I made for Nicole the other day (some of the same fabric to). I altered the pattern, removing the girl’s glasses, to make the girl look even more like Boy Lacer’s class teacher, so I thought it was apt.

Teacher gift bag

The other bag is for the class teaching assistant, who is an amazing woman who does daily speech therapy and occupational therapy with Boy Lacer and in less than a term Boy Lacer’s speech has improved dramatically, Boy Lacer has also started to write, not just words but whole paragraphs, something he wasn’t doing at the beginning of term and something I was beginning to think he would never do. The teaching assistant is also an amazing woman because she is just recovering from breast cancer, the second time she’s fought it, so I appreciate even more that she started back at work again full time this term. She like’s pink ribbon stuff, so I thought she’d like the cross stitch pink ribbon (the second time I’ve stitched this).

Teacher gift bag

Although the book themed bag is more my normal colour scheme, so more in my comfort zone, it was fun to make something pink for a change, I don’t think I made it too girly (all the fabrics for the pink bag were from Cath Kidston, the fabric used for the book bag were V&A reproduction and Michael Miller).

I can also post today about another Christmas card I’ve made recently, as I’ve heard it’s reached its destination.

Urban Threads Christmas cardThe card was for Pennie, another bloggy friend, who happens to share my love of all things skulls, so when I saw this pattern on Urban Threads I knew it was for her.

Urban Threads Christmas card


2 thoughts on “Teacher gift bags and a Christmas card

  1. The card is fabulous, you are so talented…

    I love the bags also, was just looking at the pink polka dot fabric thinking “I’ve got that” and hmmm, not thought of joining several fat Q’s up

    oh and I loved the mario from your previous post

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