Jamie’s Great Britain

I’ve had this book for a little while but there’s been other new cookbooks I’ve had more of an urge to cook my way through, which says something, the old ardent Jamie fan I used to be. I did watch the accompanying TV series, although it was mostly so memorable that when I accidentally started watching an episode I’d already seen on the DVR instead of the new one I’d recorded, it took me 20 minutes to realise I’d seen that episode before. (For the record I much preferred Jamie’s recent Christmas with Bells on, far better and Jamie himself looked far more refreshed).

However I’ve just made my first recipe from the book (finally) and I may be in a little bit more love with it now, as it was Crunchy Allotment Salad and for the first time ever, not only did Boy Lacer eat it, he actually asked for seconds! Result!

(Photo incidentally taken with the new Hipstamatic Foodie SnapPak which has the Loftus lens - Loftus is Jamie's food photographer, I think it's a really cool pak)

The salad is just various crunchy vegetables in a vinegar, oil and herb dressing, I think Boy Lacer particularly liked the vinegar and the fact that the vegetables were so thin, as I’d cut them on a mandolin.

Boy Lacer in general has shown great interest in this book (he caught me with it when I was menu planning the other day), he also likes the look of shredded rainbow salad to and I’ve been instructed to make that (excuse me whilst I keel over in shock). Other nice recipes I (and possibly Boy Lacer) like include:

  • Yemni pancakes
  • Breakfast crumpies
  • Roasted apple and squash soup
  • Grated apple and beetroot salad and pickly cucumber and red onion salad – both super quick salads apparently and will appeal to Boy Lacer’s love of vinegar
  • The Empire Roast Chicken did look nice when he did it on TV
  • Sour cranberry bakewell
  • Rainbow jam tarts
  • Scottish shortbread
  • Charming Eccles cakes
  • Welsh cakes
  • Jammy coconut sponge
  • I remember watching Jamie making the Kate & Will’s wedding pie and thinking (although I am not a great pie eater), I’d happily eat that if he made that for me, not sure I’m ever going to make it for myself but it does look nice
  • Lincolnshire poacher pie
  • Red cabbage & crispy bacon
  • Irish champ
  • Wimbledon trifle
  • Chocolate orange steamed pud
  • Rhubarb and rice pudding
  • Sweet smashed honeycomb
  • Retro arctic roll looked so cool when he made that
  • Flapjack crumble
  • Apple pepper pot cake
  • Speedy preserved chilli slices
  • And the marvellous mustards look fun to try
  • Ooh and the flavoured vinegars

Actually that list is far longer than I thought it’d be, I don’t think I was feeling particularly charitable last time I looked at this book. I think it looks a good book for a spot of baking / dessert making and as usual (although not featured in this list as we’re not great meat / fish eaters) there are lots and lots of meat and fish recipes. All in all, you know what, I think I actually quite like this book (and of course the photography in it, as usual, is gorgeous).


2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Great Britain

  1. Hmmm, hard one, one of the joys of having a proper job now my cookbook purchasing has increased a little and I have 2-3 books I haven’t cooked from yet, but I think my favourite has to probably be Hugh FWs Veg everyday! Got to love a recipe book I can cook pretty much every recipe instead of avoiding the recipes that are too heavy on the meat.

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