I have a very old and very good friend, we met in primary school in Wales, I moved away, then moved again, this time to Norfolk and there was my old friend from Wales in the same class, what are the chances of that? Anyway, she has baby twins and well to be honest, there are absolutely NO babies to craft for in my family, so I couldn’t resist making them a little something for Christmas (all those never used baby patterns in my craft books . . . ). My friend also has two older girls (eek 4 children, two are hard enough sometimes!), so I couldn’t resist making them something to (this is where I hope my friend doesn’t read this blog).

First up for the twins –

Santa bibs

The embroidery patterns are from Urban Threads (I particularly like the spaceman Santa) and the bib pattern from Bend The Rules Sewing. I was, to be honest, not too sure about them, I think the bibs may be too small and they could have done with some interfacing but still, it’s the thought that counts and Christmas bibs aren’t exactly made to last. But after I made them I wasn’t too sure about whether to send them after all but I really liked what I had made the two girls and definitely wanted to send them, so everything got sent in the end.

Summer flowers pencil cases

The embroidery patterns on these are from the Summer flowers pattern pack by Sarah Jane and were a pleasure to stitch. The pencil case was from my own pattern (but inspired by a similarly shaped pencil case I received in a swap a few years ago). The back of the pencil case has a different coloured fabric, which I wish I could show you in a slightly more exciting way than just photographing the back of two pencil cases, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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