Sew La Tea Do

I think I have a new favourite craft book, as I’ve just made a couple of the projects from Sew La Tea Doby Meet Me at Mike’s Pip Lincolne and I am in love, as although I often make stuff I like it’s not often I make stuff that feels as good as something I could find in a shop (albeit a crafty type place, which of course is the best type of place) but Sew La Tea Do seems to have that magic ingredient and of all the things I’ve made this Christmas the following two lots of items are the ones I am most proud of.

First up the Best Friend Scarf or should I say, in our case, the Family Scarf as I made one for me, Girl Lacer and Boy Lacer (a patchwork scarf isn’t really Mr. Lacer’s thing).

Modelled by our respective toys, yes the toy on the left is my ancient teddy and he's modelling my scarf, the big bear in the middle is Boy Lacer's and he's modelling Boy Lacer's scarf and the penguin is Girl Lacer's and he's modelling Girl Lacer's scarf.

If I would have one criticism, the scarves modelled in the book do look bigger but one of the variations suggested is to make the patches bigger.

The scarves are backed with shirt weight denim which is now officially my new favourite material to craft with, as it’s a great colour that goes so well with my assorted printed cottons and is lovely and soft. Good thing then that I’ve still got quite a lot of it!

The scarves were really easy to put together and were a great way to help run down my never ending scrap basket, I can easily see myself making more (possibly bigger) ones in the future, maybe, like one of the other suggested variations said, lining it with something even more cosier, like flannel or maybe even fleece. I also think adding some embroidery to some of the squares would be cool to (of course I’d think that).

The next project was for just Boy and Girl Lacer.

They’re pj bags, the tiger one for Boy Lacer and the bear for Girl Lacer. The fronts were done with a mix of machine applique and hand embroidery and again I’m really pleased with them and they didn’t take that long to make.

Other projects I’d like to make from this book include a hat, a sunny day dress, a tunic dress, a wrap skirt, a shift dress (called the Miss Marlo dress, it has a nice patchwork pocket), a patchwork belt, comfy pants, I love Linus Movie blanket, shirt front cushion cover, woodland friends pillowcases (which has some lovely embroidery), fox in a bed quilt and an origami (not really, it’s made out of fabric) wallet. The clothes in the list, other than the hat, are all adult patterns, there are kids’ clothing patterns in the book and they’re quite sweet but they’re all for 3 and under, which always annoys me in a pattern book. Also, as much as I want to make quite a lot of the adult clothes from here, I’m not sure they’re going to fit me, the clothes are sized in small to medium and medium to large and they don’t (unless it’s in a really small print I’ve missed and I’ve checked the book several times) list what those sizes really mean. I’ve tried to guess from the pattern sheets and looking at the patterns, specially for the dresses, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to fit (I’m a UK size 16-18 on my top half). I may still attempt the patterns but they’re going to require me altering them first.

So other than me moaning about sizing, there are some really lovely projects in here, all fairly simple, great, detailed instructions and the whole design of the book is really cool as well, with some fantastic photography.


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