Hopes 2012

At the grand old age of very nearly 37 (that’s still mid thirties right? please) I think I’m old enough to know that New Year Resolutions don’t really work, so here are my hopes for 2012:

  • To loose weight (ooh that January 1st classic), actually I have been ‘dieting’ since the Autumn, mainly unsuccessfully (and having weighed myself this morning I’ve just discovered I put 2lbs on over the festive period). I am not a good dieter for a number of reasons (1) other than when I look in photos I actually quite like my body and avoiding photos of myself is easier than giving up chocolate (2) I have a crepe tummy, courtesy of Boy Lacer, as he was such a huge baby plus I had polyH on top, so I looked ready to drop from about 6 months into my pregnancy (which made the remaining three months of “haven’t you had the baby yet?” a little tiresome) and the more weight I lose the worse the crepe tummy looks and I am more self conscious about my crepe tummy than I am about my current curves (3) I like my current clothes and whereas I know a lot of dieters get all excited about buying new clothes when they loose weight, I don’t, I may be working now but I don’t have the money to completely replace my wardrobe (4) no amount of dieting will ever probably reduce my Pamela Anderson cleavage, so I will probably continue to still be stuck in (UK size) 16-18 tops and dresses and I will still look fat because of the loose material hanging round my reduced (crepy) midriff and actually, if I loose weight I’ll look even more like Pamela Anderson (neck down), not a look I’m particularly aspiring to (5) other than chocolate and coca cola I don’t have any vices (craft books and fabric don’t count), I don’t smoke and I rarely drink  and my diet (other than the chocolate and coca cola) is reasonably healthy (although I could do with eating more veg), so to deprive myself of chocolate and coca cola makes me feel as virtuous as a very reluctant nun and I don’t like it (I also by the way get plenty of exercise as I walk everywhere, I would estimate in a normal week at least a minimum of 7 hours walking time). However I know I’m over weight and the scientist in me knows what that means, so I have to do something about it, since starting to diet this autumn I am (as of this morning) 7lbs lighter than I was and I am 10lbs above the upper limit of a healthy weight. Ideally though I’d like to loose an additional 9lbs on top of that so I’m in the middle of the healthy weight range. Lets see if I can do that in 2012.
  • Linked to the above I need to eat more veg.
  • To look after my allotment, this isn’t so much a wish as a necessity. I am trying to be realistic though, last year was my first full year of allotment ownership and I know from talking to other plot holders the first year is never good. So I can only do better this year (right? that’s the theory anyway). Whilst I’m talking about my plot, here’s Mrs. Lacer’s handy hint for people thinking of taking on an allotment plot – if you are thinking of taking on an allotment plot and you will be the only person looking after it think very, very carefully – I am, in effect, the only person who looks after the plot, Mr. Lacer has dug up there once, Girl Lacer will have a half hearted go and Boy Lacer will sit on the bench on the neighbouring plot and play on my iPhone. So when I’ve been busy, injured (and injuries in the first year of plot holding are also common apparently) or ill, the plot has been neglected and when the plot gets neglected, especially in the summer, by the time you can get back to it, you’re playing catch up for the rest of the season, which is not fun.
  • To appreciate what I can do, 2012 faces the prospect of some very possible wrist surgery, on my right wrist and I am right handed. The prospect of surgery doesn’t bother me but the prospect of not being able to embroider or sew at all, to not be able to prepare vegetables, to not be able to put my hair up into a bun, tie up the shoe laces on my DMs or look after my allotment properly, not good, even if it’s only for a few weeks (I don’t know how long I would be out of action for but I know from previous orthopaedic surgery that you don’t get orthopaedic surgery and then miraculously heal immediately, there is always some recovery time). So I hope in 2012 that I can get through my fabric stash a bit and make some of those clothes I planned, that I can cook more, that I can look after my allotment, that I can learn new embroidery techniques . . . fingers crossed.

I do have a couple more formalised plans for 2012, both to do with these (more details later).


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