Malted chocolate cake

As the organiser of birthday celebrations round here x3, I think it’s a bit much to be organising my own birthday to, so consequently it’s my birthday today and we didn’t do much.

To Boy and Girl Lacer, birthdays = cake + Pizza Express, not just for their respective birthdays but for everyone’s birthday. But the kids didn’t notice till lunch time that today there was no prospect of cake and pizza, Girl Lacer was about to go off and be a cowgirl but they were both insistent there should at least be cake, even if I had to buy one. So whilst Girl Lacer, was it turns out, not being a cowgirl but something equally dramatic instead, me and Boy Lacer went shopping and we popped into the posh French patisserie which I hadn’t dared go in during the months it’s been open (which turned out to be not so posh once we went in) and we bought a bretzel (which looked like a pretzel to me) (for Boy Lacer), two raisin escargots (for Girl and Mr. Lacer) and a raspberry macaroon for me. I didn’t think we had time to make a cake but I stocked up on cooking chocolate and brown sugars when we went to the supermarket anyway and my little proto-cook was very insistent he was going to make something. So when we got home Boy Lacer, with a little help and supervision from me, made the malted chocolate cake from the Peyton and Byrne book and it was very yummy and not too chocolatey (as we had to substitute the mix of dark and milk chocolate for just milk chocolate) and you could really taste the malt (in our case Ovaltine Light).

365:3 Malted chocolate cake


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