Super 8

I don’t think I make a very good film (or TV) reviewer because if I like something I’m all squeeeeeeeee that was marvellous and if I don’t like something  I can’t be too bothered to write about it these days. Anyway, I watched Super 8 last night and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it was marvellous.

Written and directed by JJ Abrams (already a good sign for me), Super 8 was produced by (amongst others) Steven Spielburg and that’s what really made the movie for me, as it was such a homage to the peak of Spielburg’s movie making, set in the 70s  (tick), in small town America (tick), kids (tick), disfunctional families (tick), monster (tick). Super 8 tells the story of a group of kids making their own movie (I suspect I know what JJ Abrams was doing in the 70s) and inadvertently filming the most OTT train crash in the history of movies ever. The military (as in all good movies of this type) are instantly all over it and not telling the good old sherrif’s deputy (the recently widowed father of one of the movie making kids) a thing about it. People and objects start disappearing  and as in all good movies of this type (again) we only at first see glimpses and shadows of the monster behind it (far more scary that way).

The mainly child cast in this are fantastic, there are some great supporting characters (both adult and child) and all aided by fantastic script and direction, there’s some brilliant one-liners and it’s one of those movies where there’s always stuff you don’t want to miss going on in the background to.

Definitely my new favourite JJ Abrams movie and it could quite easily be my favourite movie of I’ve seen of 2012 (even though I only saw it on January 6th).


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