Not so rainbow salad


I made the Rainbow Salad from Jamie’s Great Britain today but because I was making it for 4 instead of 8 I had to miss some of the ingredients out so there was an over predominance of purple. It was the first time I’d used my new Kenwood Triblade, which I’d treated myself to before Christmas, I tend to go through hand blenders almost like water because I’ve always bought budget versions, so in an attempt to end that false economy (and now that I’m working), I bought the Triblade and so far (on first use) it’s lovely. It feels a lot more ‘solid’ than my previous hand blenders and very important for me, is multi-speed. Also the blender bowl is much bigger, so it’s the closest thing I’ll get to an actual food processor in this flat (and to be honest even the Triblade is a little big for the storage round here). Anyway, the salad was ok but just ok and there are so many good salads out there, there’s not much point repeating your salad making on a salad that’s just ok (besides the kids didn’t think much of it and they will usually eat salads these days).


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