The Rose-less Dragon or WHEN TOOLS LET YOU DOWN

365:13 My Hoop Up 2012 inspiration piece

I’ve been eagerly checking the Hoop Up Swap pool over on Flickr, ooh since I finished my last Hoop Up Swap last year, so I was really pleased that sign ups for a new swap opened a few days ago. In Hoop Up you pick a theme and people in your group embroider a piece for you based on that theme (on fabric that you sent out to them), I think I’ve had the next theme I wanted to do in my head since the last swap, accuse me of watching too much Merlin if you will, but I knew my theme was going to be Arthurian Legend.

One of the things I really like about Merlin on TV is the embroidered banners and patches on their clothes, I think I remember a few nice embroidered cushions to. I am obviously not just watching for the embroidery but I always like it and I’ve been itching to stitch a dragon similar to one of the embroidered castle banners for ages. I couldn’t find a picture of one of the banners, but here is the dragons on the knights clothes.

I couldn’t get a good enough close up of the emblem and besides I think the dragon on the castle banners, although in a similar style, was in a different position, so instead I adapted a pattern from Urban Threads. The Urban Threads dragon comes complete with roses, which I didn’t want, so I adapted the pattern to get rid of them. As the roses in the original pattern obscured quite a bit of the dragon, I had to fill in those bits by freehand and I made a couple of mistakes, which I didn’t think would matter because I was using one of my trusted Frixiron pens and the ink from those disappears when you iron it. Oh no, not this time, instead it left bleached white marks 😦 I have to admit this was the first time I used the pens on this particular fabric, well I’ve learnt my lesson. I still like the piece and I’m proud of it as a good inspiration piece but for something that only looks half decent in a dim light where you can’t really see the bleach marks, ummmmmm.


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