Irish Champ, Red Cabbage & Crispy Bacon and Jammy Coconut Sponge

At the moment I’m trying to cook at least one ‘proper’ meal a week and the sensible time for that is the weekend, well Sunday really as I’ve been working Saturdays, it doesn’t always happen but it happened this weekend. I made Irish champ, red cabbage & crispy bacon and jammy coconut sponge, all from Jamie’s Great Britain (and served with sausages).

The red cabbage was delicious, with a thick coating of sugar and red wine vinegar and of course the bacon, it was yum. The champ was a simplified version from the book, or put it this way, by the time I got to the final stage where I had to add the watercress I was loosing the will to cook / space in my tiny kitchen to go and prepare yet another ingredient (even though I was clearing as I went when I had a chance), but even without the watercress and the herbs, it was still nice, although maybe not as pretty looking as in the book. Girl Lacer loved the champ and disliked the red cabbage, Boy Lacer loved the red cabbage and disliked the champ, I had suspected that would happen, am I going to have to cook two sides more often?

For dessert we had jammy coconut sponge, which as far as I’m concerned is classic school pudding territory (although according to the kids their school dinner puddings aren’t like that – probably healthier).

And it was delicious, Boy Lacer was asking for seconds before he’d even finished the first slice, Girl Lacer didn’t like the coconut though. The jam on the sponge was meant to be exclusively blackberry but I didn’t have enough, so I added some raspberries from the freezer to, consequently the jam was more raspberry flavoured that blackberry, even though I’d still added more blackberries than raspberries, I guess raspberries have a stronger flavour, or at least frozen raspberries have a stronger flavour than out of season, shipped from god knows where, blackberries.

Anyway, I will definitely be making the red cabbage and the sponge pudding again, the red cabbage was a bit of a palaver but the sponge was sooooo simple to make yet tasted a million dollars.


I Dig You The Most

Sorry for the lack of blogging, life is pretty busy round here right now, particularly on the work front (with both jobs) but I finish my stint on a particularly busy project on Monday night, so things won’t be quite so hectic soon.

Anyway, I’ve just written a round up post of Valentine’s Day patterns over on Feeling Stitchy and I stitched up one of the patterns I featured.

365:29 I Dig you the most

The pattern is by Sew Lovely and I think it’s lovely and particularly apt for me, in theory anyway, if like I actually get my butt down the allotment, start wearing my contact lenses like more than never and wear my hair more than once in a plait in like the last ten years (actually the plait wearing incident was fairly recent).

I have to admit though I principally stitched this up so I could feature this on Feeling Stitchy (I tend to only like to feature patterns that have been actually embroidered, as it shows that the pattern works but I’ll only stitch it if I actually want to stitch the pattern myself, don’t worry, as much as I love writing for Feeling Stitchy, I’m not that devoted to the cause).  Mr. Lacer is not a pink, hearts and flowers, cute, vintage person, however having said that I have just hidden this in one of his drawers (as I’ve stuffed it with lavender), so it is still for him, whether it’s a surprise or not depends on whether he opens the drawer before he opens his Google Reader next, as he does follow this blog (although he admits he skims through the embroidery and book posts and ummm I’d probably guess the food posts to).