Crafting 365

January 365

1. 365:1 Bearded Lady wip, 2. 365:2 Sew Lovely Smile for the Camera WIP, 3. 365:3 Malted chocolate cake, 4. 356:4 Man from another era, 5. 365:5 Broken Hazard Tape, 6. 365:6 Sew Lovely Smile for the camera WIP, 7. 365:7 Another Sew Lovely Smile For The Camera WIP, 8. 365:8 Apple pie, 9. 365:9 More Sew Lovely Smile for the camera WIP, 10. 365:10 Smile for the Camera WIP, 11. 365:11 Smile for the camera WIP, 12. 365:12 Dragon WIP, 13. 365:13 My Hoop Up 2012 inspiration piece, 14. 365:14 Sew Lovely Mermaid Softie, 15. 365:15 Sunday night embroidering, 16. 365:16 Sour cranberry bakewell, 17. 365:17 More Elsa Mora WIP, 18. 365:18 More Elsa Mora, 19. 365:19 Embroidery at the end of a long day, 20. 365:20 Embroidery +science doc = bliss, 21. 365:21 Subversive cross stitch WIP, 22. 365: 22 Cushion Making Day, 23. 365:23 Hipster WIP, 24. 365:24 Subversive stitching WIP, 25. 365:25 Bad pic too knackered to take another, 26. 365:26 More Subversive WIP, 27. 365:27 More Subversive WIP, 28. 365:28 Hipsters use back door wip, 29. 365:29 I Dig you the most, 30. 365: 30 january

I’ve flirted with Crafting 365 before and not got very far but I’m trying again and I’ve got a good feeling about it this time, it’s not that I wasn’t crafting every day before, I probably was, it was always the taking the photos and posting them that got me but it’s much easier now with an iPhone and the Flickr app.

Anyway I’m going to post the pics here in roughly monthly blocks, I say roughly because it’s a bit difficult to do a mosaic on a whole month when there’s 31 days in it, so it’ll be in groups of 30 instead. So here’s January’s output and oooh it’s looking a little grey (with some splashes of red and yellow), here’s hoping next month’s output is a little more colourful!

(Going back to Crafting 365 was inspired by my massive pile of unfinished objects that never see the light of day on this blog or on Flickr, so Crafting 365 isn’t necessarily about finishing those UFOs but more about letting them get a little daylight time 😉 )


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