Dragon #2

365:32 Dragon #2

I wasn’t planning on stitching another Hoop Up inspiration piece, despite my problem with my transfer pen but then the new Baroque Punk pattern set came out on Urban Threads and they had an even better dragon, so I just had to stitch again.

Which is good, as I’ve decided I like stitching dragons (thinking about stitching another one as I type). I actually, despite cursing the pen I’d used for Dragon #1 still used the same pen this time and I realise you can see some white marks on the photo, however this piece has proved really difficult to photograph properly, I just can’t get the red right (it’s a lot darker in real life) and when you see it in real life you can barely see the white marks at all. So, I’m really happy with it, right now where did I put that next dragon pattern?


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