Year 1 hit each other over the head with swords day

Boy Lacer has been learning about fairy tales recently (they use them as examples of story structure as they learn how to write stories themselves –  Boy Lacer by the way has really got into writing) and it culminates with Knights and Princesses Day, where they go to school dressed as erm knights and princesses. So I’ve made him a costume.

365: 37 knight costume

The ‘chain mail’ tunic was made very simply, just folding the material (which was found for me by the very lovely assistant in John Lewis’ Haberdashery department who still remembers Boy Lacer when he used to come fabric shopping with me before he started school), sewing up the sides (leaving space for arm holes) and cutting a hole for the head. No hemming involved, this was quick and dirty sewing with a sinus headache (in my defence I don’t think the material really needs hemming anyway). You can’t really see it in the photo but I also made a little pouch out of the same material which hangs from the red belt (which is borrowed from Girl Lacer), the pouch holds the cardboard tube dagger that Girl Lacer made him especially for the occasion. The shield was done principally by me and is meant to be a reproduction of the family coat of arms (yes, erm, we have one, not that we use it or anything but Mr. Lacer’s grandfather was very into researching the family tree and he was very successful to, tracing back to the medieval ages, aided by the fact that the family has an unusual easily traceable name). I copied the coat of arms from a drawing I think Mr. Lacer’s grandfather had made, so no claims of minute accuracy here. The sword is obviously a toy, bought specially for the occasion, it was the last one in the toy shop, I think 44 other parents at the school had had the same idea and had got there before me. Me and Mr. Lacer aren’t that into buying toy weapons for the kids but it’s ‘interesting’ how any of us in the family, but particularly the boys in the family (and I’m including Mr. Lacer in that one), eyes light up as they instantly start brandishing the sword around, you just can’t help it.


The knight costume wasn’t the only costume I’ve had to conjure up for tomorrow, as Girl Lacer will also be having a spot of fancy dress, as she’s been doing the Romans and will be watching a play about Romans in fancy dress i.e. she’ll be in fancy dress not the Romans themselves in fancy dress (it’s one of those play things where the actors encourage the kids up on stage to take part, they get the same acting company in to cover pretty much every topic on the syllabus it seems). Luckily Girl Lacer had only done the Egyptians the term before and Egyptian – Roman costume, same thing right? Although on Girl Lacer’s instructions I had to go out and buy some of the probably most expensive ribbon I’ve ever bought (thick, gold ribbon), for a sash. I normally let ribbon for costumes disappear into her stash after she’s used it but this stuff, I’m getting back.



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