Sketch club

(Oh I am such a Fight Club fan, I can’t see any phrase ending in club without wanting to insert it into some Flight Club lines, right I will control myself).

365:38 green duck

I’ve joined the sketch club at work (they’ve let me in wielding needle and thread). Every week we all contribute three words and then one of those sets of three words get chosen and we all sketch (or *ahem* embroider) something to do with those words. I’m not going to say what the three words were this week, but the above was the first thing that popped into my head (although I will say that London 2012 are selling some really cute (probably plastic) ducks at the moment). I think a better message on the duck’s billboard would be ‘Everyone take public transport to the Olympics’ but I couldn’t fit it in because can you imagine everyone cycling? Nope. Me and the kids will be going and it won’t be by bike, put it that way 😉

On a side note, this was my first bit of embroidery done with pearl cotton, I ordered some on a ‘I really must get round to trying some new embroidery materials’ whim when I was forced to go online the other day to get myself some black embroidery floss as I can not buy it anywhere at the moment in the real world (so I bought 24 skeins on line, a lot lot cheaper than buying in a shop and ooh it should last me a few months at least). And the beauty of ordering online is that floss etc can be very very cheap if you buy in bulk *ahem*.

pearl cotton

As pretty as it is I will need to find a better place to store it as it’s going to get dusty plus it’s one of my two main mixing bowls.

And my opinion on pearl cotton? It’s thicker obviously, a feature I liked when fill stitching the handle of the billboard and when working the black lettering, I don’t think it’s very subtle though, so it will get lots of use (just racking my brains to think of the last piece of ‘subtle’ embroidery I did) but I’m not about to abandon floss any time soon, I think I will use it in more brighter, bolder abstract(ish) pieces. I think it also might be interesting using in cross stitch, it would give a thicker more chunky feel. And as someone who suffers from ‘my floss is about to run out 2/3 of the way through the piece’ anxiety, I do appreciate the greater quantity of the stuff. And heck, just looking at the balls is pretty.

And going back to the duck, my opinion on that? It was my own pattern and I’m not happy at all with the eyes and beak of the duck but I did say didn’t I that I wanted to do more of my own designs, so it looks like sketch club will be a good place to try some of that out and I do quite like quick and dirty stitching, I did most of this whilst waiting for my shift at work to start today, whereas some of the other pieces I’m working on at the moment, taking forever.

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