We’re the house of sick here; Mr. Lacer and Girl Lacer are up and functioning (well Mr. Lacer is on about 95% at the moment), Boy Lacer seems to have stopped coughing and snorting so much and hopefully won’t get the stomach bug the rest of us have had and I’m still trying to get over the aforementioned stomach bug, although luckily (touch wood), I’m not as badly affected as Mr. Lacer was. So when it snowed twice this week we couldn’t really get out in it, certainly not last weekend anyway. It snowed significantly more today (after the first lot melting quite quickly) and although I would have normally have gone for a walk with my camera in the park when the weather is like this, I had to settle for taking some pictures with my iPhone on the way home from the school run instead.

I think I probably looked odd, standing there taking pictures of branches.


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