Valentine X Stitching

We’re still sort of house of sick here (although hopefully of the getting better variety) so Valentine’s Day has been a bit of a wash out, however I had managed to get some stitching done. This was for Mr. Lacer, it was meant to go with a nice box of nuts, as he likes nuts but I couldn’t get to the supermarket.

365:44 I'm Nuts About You

The pattern is by Penelope Waits and also happens to be in this month’s Cross Stitcher. I think this is a great pattern to stitch for Valentine’s Day, as not being sexist or anything (or trying not to be anyway) but the majority of stitchers are female and a lot of us would be stitching for a male partner and well, men just aren’t in to overly soppy stuff are they?

I also did some token stitching for the kids, a pair of lavender sachets. Both love volcanoes (favourite book in the school library apparently) but I didn’t want to stitch two volcanoes and Girl Lacer (who also likes maths) has been learning about angles recently. So Boy Lacer got the volcano pattern and Girl Lacer got the maths pattern.

365:45 Valentine lavender sachets for the kids
Photo taken on top of my overflowing scrap basket (in case you were wondering)

Both kids liked them and Girl Lacer (I think) correctly identified the exact degree of the angle. These patterns are by Andwabisabi.

PS All stitched with my new pearl cotton, I thought it gave the stitching a nice solid feel.


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