The Obliteration Room and a quick mooch round the V&A

I am aware that the above title makes it sound like The Obliteration Room is at the V&A, it’s not, it’s currently at Tate Modern, we popped into see it this morning before heading to the V&A to see my dad.

For those that don’t know about The Obliteration Room, imagine a small white room clad completely in all white Ikea-ish furniture, then imagine letting a bunch of kids loose with stickers.

If you’re interested in going, it’s on until I think something like 18 March (don’t quote me on that) and it’s worth asking information where it is once you get into the gallery because it’s not immediately obvious.

We then headed out to the V&A.

Over the ex-wobbly bridge and past St. Pauls.

Me (and Boy Lacer's legs)

Getting on the tube at Mansion House.

Once at the V&A and dad met, we went to get some food. Now there are always queues for the cafe at the V&A and the food ain’t exactly cheap but it’s worth it for this (and the food is by Benugo, my favourite museum caterers, so it is nice).

Some cafe right?

We then went and had a look at the upper floors of the V&A, places which I don’t normally go to (I have my firm favourite route through the V&A which is as comfortable as an old pair of slippers). There was a lot of gold and I’m not that particularly impressed with too much bling and I felt more like crowd control for my two anyway, but still, it was nice getting out.


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