Ooh it’s been a while since I did a pushchair post, well this is the last one, as one of the back wheels literally snapped off whilst we were walking into town (as in the metal literally ‘tearing’, although there was a bolt hole at that point, which obviously explains why it went at that point, it was one single piece of metal). Luckily we were just on the boundary of the shopping area, it would have been even more frustrating if we’d been half way there. So I had to remove everything out of the pushchair, fold it up and stick it in a bin.

Luckily Boy Lacer is fairly good at walking now, he doesn’t have the stamina of a particularly active six year old but he can walk reasonable distances and we don’t use the pushchair anywhere near as much as we used to. The problem is that when walking with him, it is exactly like walking with a pre-school child who’s got too big for the pushchair but doesn’t yet have the sense not to go wandering off somewhere or will either lag behind like a snail or race far too far ahead. I realise ‘walking sense’ comes with practice but Boy Lacer has had quite a lot and there hasn’t been much improvement. Obviously he’s going to get a lot more practice now and I’m going to start getting grey hair.

I had always thought the pushchair (a McClaren special needs buggy for those new to this blog) would probably end its days this way somehow, as it was a very old and rickety thing but I hoped we’d have it a good few more years, not necessarily in use but there for emergencies, as it can hold children up to I think 10 – 12. My concern was what if Boy Lacer was ill and I had to get him to the doctor’s surgery? I don’t drive so we have to walk and when Boy Lacer is particularly ill, it’s very hard to get him to go anywhere. But I think if that does happen, I will just have to thrust out the special needs mum card, which I do very rarely and insist on a home visit.

Other than that don’t trust me with anything important today, as not only has the pushchair broken but my laptop (which I don’t like anyway) has been insisting to me all morning that it’s hard drive is about to go into imminent failure (ironically, today it’s behaving fine, I’m blogging on it right now but don’t worry I’m also backing up to).

Right, the flat is a tip, I have the mother-in-law tomorrow, another visitor the day after and one of Girl Lacer’s friends round the day after that and right now it’d be hard to get through the door.

Mrs Lacer the cursed drudge.


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