Jamie’s Italian

There’s been a Jamie’s Italian in Kingston now for donkey’s years but very surprisingly, considering I’m a bit of a Jamie fan, I’d never been. When it opened you couldn’t book in advance, so consequently there were always massive queues and then it was a bit expensive, specially if all four of us were going and me and Mr. Lacer could never find time to go on our own. But then you could book and I got a proper job and a friend started a babysitting service . . . so we went.

We started off with a bread basket.

I once chased a chef down the street for a sample of the rosemary ciabatta

Which was delicious, the most gorgeous rosemary ciabatta, sour dough, bread sticks and a bread so flat it was like a giant Pringle, with some gorgeous olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in to.

Then I had probably the biggest salad I have ever eaten in my entire life.

It was delicious, proscuitto, rocket, raddicho, pear and pinenuts in a lemon dressing with a liberal dusting of parmesan. I will definitely have to have a look to see if something similar is in my Jamie Oliver library and try to recreate it, even if it isn’t in one of his books, it should be fairly easy to do.

Mr. Lacer had steak, mushroom and watercress with side orders of ‘funky chips’ (chips with a garlic and herb coating) and sliced brussels (blah). He really liked his to and it was equally ginormous.

Even after all that food, we somehow managed dessert.

I had a mix of the sourest apple sorbet and wonderfully complementary blood orange sorbet and Mr. Lacer had vanilla ice cream with crushed nuts and seeds and fruit.

The service was mostly attentive and speedy and the restaurant itself was a little like a temple to Jamie Oliver but hey, if you’re going there you like the brand anyway. The whole menu was very Jamie Oliver and I so want to go back again.


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