The Night Circus

Everyone has been raving about The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and I can certainly see what the fuss has been about. Set in the late 1800s – early 1900s, it tells the tale of a competition between two magicians who do real magic, their battleground a magical night circus.

The book is beautifully and atmospherically described, from midnight dinners, grand parties, tea room assignations, to the circus itself, with chapters devoted to just a single tent within the circus, magical tents with ice gardens or mazes to get lost in. The book does jump round a bit and it’s long and if I hadn’t read it for a while I found myself wishing for a ‘previously’ segment like in Heroes (for some reason the book kept reminding me of that show, although probably only for the circus in one of the latter seasons), so I could remember who was who.

I read the book almost wishing it was illustrated because some of the scenes, although vividly described (and my imagination was certainly doing a good job placing me in the tents), in the hands of a good artist, the illustrations would have looked amazing. Equally I think this would make a great (but expensive to produce and probably a little tricky to screen write for) film, any good adaptation of this book would look stunning on the big screen. But heck, what I really want to do is go to The Night Circus myself, if only it were real, it would be amazing.


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