The one where Mrs. Lacer proves she can’t centre a cushion to save her life

I’m still in the middle of trying to conjure up some World Book Day costumes but in between wrestling with way too much green velvet and black fabric, I’m trying to catch up on my simpler sewing jobs now I’ve unearthed my sewing machine. These two cushions were stitched quite a few weeks ago now and as you can see I really should have planned how much material I was going to leave around the embroidery, so that I could make them into cushions where the embroidery was actually in the centre *blush*.

(Apologies for the bad photos below, as usual I’ve been sewing all day, so by the time I finished the light (what light?) had gone but I’m too impatient to wait until tomorrow to photograph them).

365:59 Cushions

The photos were taken on my ‘cutting table’, it’s a large bit of cardboard that I bought from a fabric shop a while ago, I stick in on my bed whenever I want to cut something larger than a handkerchief, it’s far from ideal and I dream of having a place big enough for a nice big table I could use (actually, at the moment I’m getting excited about the mere prospect of when we (hopefully) renovate next year (or maybe this year) that we’ll get a breakfast bar, even that will be an improvement).

Anyway, back to the cushions, this one is from Aimee Ray.

Chinese dragon closeup

And this one is from Sublime Stitching.

Our Love is True

I changed the pattern slightly, changing the ‘my’ in the original pattern to ‘our’, as it’s a sort of family Valentine (yep been on my to sew up pile that long). And yep, I know I should have doubled up on the fabric, to stop the thread showing through, in my defence I was stitching this during the house of sick, so was sort of doing this one on automatic pilot.

Finally (considering I centred the patterns so badly), I think my backing fabrics look pretty good 😉 (specially the bottom one for the dragon, it’s a V&A reproduction fabric).



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