God Collar

I am not completely 100% sure why I downloaded this audiobook, I think I may have thought I needed to boost my dismal non-fiction reading record and I think Marcus Brigstocke is sort of funny on TV and well, religion just bemuses me, I am as likely to ‘get’ religion as I am as likely to ‘get’ the physics principle of moments (and I’ve been teaching that for years).

Marcus Brigstocke is an atheist, however unlike me, a perfectly happy in my lack of a religious belief system atheist, Marcus wishes he could believe in a god (and he’s looked at all the possible gods out there), he just can’t intellectually bring himself to do so. He feels that by accepting a particular religion into his life, not only would he be accepting all that particular religion’s good points but also their bad points, such as their attitude to women or child abuse.

This is an acutely personal book and Brigstocke is very open about aspects of his childhood and early adult life that were very unhappy (I certainly won’t see him in the same light if I see him on TV again) and at how bereft he felt after his best friend died and I can see why he’s trying to seek comfort from religion (even if I don’t personally understand it).

The book, as you would expect from a good comedian, is very funny in parts but I have to admit I found the parts where he strayed off the topic of religion to be funnier, I loved the story about him on safari and I can sympathise with the trials of parenting and as much as I am a disciple of Steve Jobs and didn’t agree with what Brigstocke said about iPhone owners I will never again be unable to take the mental link he has formed between iPhones and gerbils out of my head. Oh and Brigstocke’s grandparents sound amazing.

Overall, I don’t really think I was the audience intended for this book, I can imagine this book could be quite comforting if you to were an atheist who wished you could believe in god but saying that, if you were, I would not expect any answers by the end of this book.


3 thoughts on “God Collar

  1. Have your checked out Religulous by Bill Mahr? I’m attending the 2012 Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne – should be a good place to meetup with like minded reasonable people 😉

      1. Religulous is a documentary (you can buy the dvd but it might be on Hulu or something as well). A cool book is God is not good by Christopher Hitchens. We booked his session at the atheists convention 2012 but since he’s no longer around I guess they’ll be filling his spot with someone new.

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