Recreating Jamie’s Italian in a rush

I think I’ve probably said here before that it’s bitterly ironic that the time when you need to really eat properly, when you’re rushing here, there and everywhere is the time when you really don’t have time to cook properly (because of the rushing here, there and everywhere bit). I don’t feel like I’ve cooked properly in over a month now (thank goodness the kids have school dinners now) and I’m living off sandwiches / ready meal type stuff / chocolate.

Anyway, I really wanted to have a go at recreating the salad I had at Jamie’s Italian the other day*and I’d ordered the stuff in my last Ocado shop and I realised as I was rushing back from the ballet run, that in the little time I had between getting home and starting work for the evening, I better make that salad otherwise the stuff was going to go out of date, so I gritted my teeth and made the salad.

Actually it took about as long to make as it took to heat up the ciabatta roll I was having with it, so not long really and it was completed with plenty of time for me to eat it before work started.

The accumulation of the day (and on the extreme off chance one of my bosses is reading this, don't worry, the laptop ended up on a table before I started work)

I think I kept to the salad I’d eaten in the restaurant fairly faithfully (downsizing the extreme portion size though of course), although I couldn’t find any radiccho so had to use another red salad leaf, which wasn’t really the same. But it did show that they were probably using far superior ingredients to me in the restaurant, as the salad I ate there tasted far more fresher and flavoursome than the one I recreated, which makes the price I paid in the restaurant for it seem even more reasonable.

I will recreate the salad again, if I can find some raddicho (may be forced to grow it or something) as it did really help make the original salad, but I think I will need to go and buy better quality olive oil / balsamic vinegar / ciabatta before I decide to go as far as dunking my bread Jamie’s Italian style again, blah, nowhere near as delicious.

*For those curious about what was in the salad (other than radiccho), please see the original post.


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