Professor Mcgonagall

Professor Mcgonagall

World Book Day comes round far too quickly, last year Girl Lacer was Hermione Granger, this year she’s gone for a promotion.

365:60 Professor Mcgonagall

The hat is good old black paper, the cloak is green velvet with a black lining, my own design based on close inspection of Professor Mcgonagall images found on Google. The polo neck is my jumper (yep, she’s borrowing my clothes already) and the skirt was also made by me for the occasion, as try as I might I couldn’t find a long black skirt in the shops.

Professor Mcgonagall chasing Where's Wally

(Boy Lacer by the way is Where’s Wally? in a commercially bought costume)

The skirt is a tiered skirt made from a lovely, thickish, soft black jersey. I used Sew What! Skirts to help draft a pattern, adapting it from an adult skirt to a child’s skirt. Do you remember this photo I posted on 1st January?

I had mentioned I had planned to do something to do with this photo in 2012, well, it only took me two months but I’ve made a start, the above shelf of books contains all (actually there’s a few more you can’t see in the photo) the craft books I’ve bought where I’ve never actually made anything from and my plan for 2012 is to make something from every single one of those books. One of these days I’ll get round to actually listing the books (ooh the knitting ones are going to be a challenge) but for now Sew What! Skirts is an appropriate place to start as I’ve had this book in my possession for ever, it was one of the first sewing books I ever bought. I’ve just checked and I’ve never reviewed the book on the blog, so here’s a quick review –

Sew What! Skirts is a collection of 16 simple styles you can make your own. There are no patterns, you draft your own but at least that way you can guarantee the skirt is going to fit and as I’ve shown, it’s easier to adapt the skirt to a child size. I really like the skirts in this book and have wanted to make them for years, going as far as specifically buying fabric for certain skirts in the book but being too nervous / lazy to make them. After a good how to section, the book starts with simple A-line skirts, followed by wrap skirts, circle and square skirts, straight skirts, layered skirts (I particularly like these) and then finally tiered skirts. I can easily see a beginner starting off with a simple A-line skirt and then progressing through the book to become a competent skirt maker. So I of course go straight to the very last skirt in the book . . . (and I’m not that good a dressmaker). Luckily in the years since I bought this book (and thanks to lots of confidence boosting from Clothkit kits), I was able to (slightly nervously) tackle this skirt, at every step convinced I was going to cock it up somehow but you know what? I didn’t. Other than the back being slightly misaligned at one of the tiers, I think this is one of the nicest skirts I’ve ever made and it’s jersey to! I found the instructions weren’t 100% crystal clear and I had to guesstimate a bit and depend on my previous experience a bit but like I say, the tiered skirt is literally the last skirt in the book and I wouldn’t recommend a newbie sewer to leap straight in and make this skirt. Whereas now I’ve made it, I want to make one for me to! I really liked (for a change) making something in a plain fabric, I normally get too easily swayed by the lovely quilting cottons out there, so I could easily see myself making myself a plain version of this skirt, but maybe in linen (as lovely and as soft as the jersey is, it’s quite heavy, so wouldn’t make a good summer skirt). But I could also see myself in some of the lovely quilting cottons I’m so addicted to.


7 thoughts on “Professor Mcgonagall

  1. Oh my goodness. Does S normally have that facial expression or is she being very good at looking like Maggie Smith? Tell her Auntie Claire is very impressed.

  2. Now that’s what i call magical

    (also was admiring your bookshelves and going oooh, I’ve got that one…oh and that one…and no, not made much out of any of them…)

  3. Niiice. McGonagal and Snape are my favs (yes Snape, its all the black and the angst and the double agent-yness). Just saw the last movie last night bit let down by the 3 becoming parents (what happened to Ron, he was so buff in the last but one movie..). I really want to make the Luna Lovegood lion hat =D

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