Embroidery pocket bags

This is where I write a whole post about tote bags and don’t show you a decent photo of the actual bags, as usual by the time I’ve made something, the light is gone (and me, patience? nope).

Anyway, this post is really about embroidery patterns by the illustrator Tamar Yanai.

Boy and his cat - pattern by Tamar Yanai

Girl in a coat- pattern by Tamar Yanai

I bet you can guess which bag is for Girl Lacer and which one is for Boy Lacer?

I love seeing embroidery used as pockets and I’ve been inspired by the embroidery over on the Sew Lovely blog. And I was inspired by the mismatched fabric totes in White Stuff*.

As for the Tamar Yanai patterns, they were a pleasure to work from,  however, they are very detailed patterns and some of the more intricate detail was more difficult to transfer to the fabric / stitch, so I had to miss some of the detail out and even then I wouldn’t particularly recommend these patterns for beginners, however for everyone else I would recommend them whole heartedly, as I love the little details such as the border and the use of running stitch on the clothing – just be prepared to go down to one strand of floss to achieve the detail!

PS I couldn’t resist making me a bag to, I used this embroidery I did last month.

Just to give an idea what the embroidery pocket tote bags I made are like

*I do own one of the White Stuff bags to, before you go accusing me of copying a charity bag.


2 thoughts on “Embroidery pocket bags

  1. Little bags like that are a great idea. I’ve been tempted to make some of my own lately, with all the little bits and pieces of spare fabric that I have lying around. embroidering them just makes them that much more special.

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