Foggy Thames Walk

I had to take my iPhone to the doctors today, well, actually I had an appointment at the Genius Bar, as my phone had spent all weekend spectacularly crashing, but my appointment wasn’t until 10.20am and when I looked out of the window this morning it was gorgeously foggy, so a spot of spare time + fog = photos! Really, when the weather is like this I instantly want to head to the park, but I knew I didn’t have quite enough time, so I headed to the river instead.

Foggy Thames Walk

(I particularly like the colours of the top middle one, if you click on the photo it’ll take you to my Flickr stream, where you can see the pictures a lot bigger).

So I had a very pleasant hour taking photos, then me and my phone went to see the doc  good looking geek in the blue top. He attempted a super duper restore, which didn’t work, it was pronounced dead and I was offered a replacement phone for such a reasonable price I was slightly worried that my ears weren’t working properly. So I have a new phone 🙂

So a good day so far; lovely fog, good customer service and now the sun is shining brightly, Spring is coming.


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