Appleton Crewel Wool

Appleton Crewel Wool

Most of the crafting time I’ve managed to grab this week (and there hasn’t been much, I can tell you) has been spent working on my second Hoop Up piece. I’ve just finished it but I need to wait for it to wing it’s way across the Atlantic, so it’ll be a few weeks before I can show it to you but I just had to share this picture of the Appleton Crewel Wool I’ve been using for it, as I think it’s so pretty just to look at (*warning embroidery nerd*).

It’s the first time I’ve used actual crewel wool (on the few crewel pieces I’ve done in the past I’ve cheated and used the thicker tapestry wool, as I can’t buy crewel wool locally to me). Appleton is such an iconic crewel wool brand, it was a pleasure to finally get it into my virtual shopping basket, just as it was a pleasure to use. You obviously get more detail than when trying to use tapestry wool in a crewel piece, but it’s so much more textural than normal embroidery floss and the colours are amazing. And oh those hand stamped (?) colour numbers, made me feel all grown up embroiderer like 😉


3 thoughts on “Appleton Crewel Wool

    1. Thanks for the tip, I can easily imagine myself getting some big skeins, wouldn’t have to online shop so much as well!

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