Crewel tree

365:76 Crewel Tree

This was my second Hoop Up Swap piece, the theme was Fantasy Trees. The pattern is from Woolly Embroidery, an english Japanese embroidery book, which I reviewed eek nearly 4 years ago but had somehow managed to never make anything from until now (so this is book 2 of my use my unused craft book challenge). I think I had been put off from using this book until now as it isn’t a beginners book and some of the material required is a little daunting to get hold off if you’re not confident in finding the right materials on the net. Also a lot of the patterns in the book are a little too quaint english for my taste. However, if it hadn’t been for the fantasy tree theme I would never have dreamt of ever stitching this particular pattern because it definitely fell into the quaint english camp from the photo in the book, however when seeing it in real life, I was really impressed with the piece (if I do say so myself), so consequently I quite fancy stitching the other two pieces in this particular pattern set now for myself!


It was really fun using stitches I wouldn’t normally use and this was the first time I’d used actual proper crewel wool and it does make all the difference.

Here’s to stretching techniques and materials!

French knot flowers


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