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My latest audiobook listen was Reamde by Neal Stephenson, it fulfilled the criteria of being very long (I am an Audible skinflint) but also luckily it fulfilled the criteria of being very entertaining as well. A thriller set between Idaho, Seattle, the US – Canadian border, China and the Philippines, it tells the story of the Forthrast family, headed by Richard, ex pot smuggler and now millionaire head of an organisation that runs the online game T’rain. When Richard’s niece Zula goes missing and her disappearance is connected to the game itself, Richard goes into full on investigative mode. Throw in some Russian mobsters, Chinese hackers, English spies, American operatives and a Welsh terrorist (the only downside of the audiobook, I didn’t think much of the accent of this character) and listening to this audiobook is like listening to a long running radio play equivalent of the Borne identity or something.

Even though the plot covered large parts of the globe it was inevitable from early on how and where it was going to end but as Stephenson scattered the various characters across the globe, it was interesting to see how he got them back together again for the final showdown.



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