Possibly the world’s ugliest hot cross buns?

365:99 The world's ugliest hot cross buns?

I’ve been wanting to make hot cross buns for a while, I’m fussy about my hot cross buns and I can inform you that in my opinion the ones in the Co-op are yuck (although the kids like them, for some reason the kids like anything from the Co-op as they associate it with junk food), the ones from Sainsburys aren’t that much better and the ones from Waitrose used to be gorgeous but then they changed the recipe, see why I’ve been wanting to make my own?

So I consulted Peyton and Byrne and set about the extremely lengthy process, as the dough required multiple risings and multiple foldings over to make it ‘a bit like puff pastry’ (I’m paraphrasing there). Maybe the alarm bells should have started ringing at the ‘a bit like puff pastry’ bit, as I don’t know about you but I don’t particularly associate hot cross buns with puff pastry. It also added quite a bit of time to the the extremely lengthy process, in making it ‘a bit like puff pastry’.

Still, it was fun though, as I’ve said before about the Peyton and Byrne book, making stuff from it feels like I am actually making something in a way that bunging some ingredients in a bowl and stirring doesn’t. So, although it took a large part of the afternoon, I didn’t particularly begrudge it at the time.

But they came out, ummm ‘lumpy’, the crosses were hard to do and they looked burnt (although in fairness to me, they looked pretty ‘brown’ in the book to) and even though they looked burnt, I’m not totally convinced the middle of some of these is cooked properly.

The buns were made with the Peyton and Byrne sweet bun dough recipe, which also goes to make honey buns and chelsea buns and although I don’t know about the honey buns, the way how the hot cross buns came out, how when you opened them up you could see the ‘a bit like puff pastry’ folds, it was far more like a chelsea bun than a hot cross one, tasted quite like a chelsea bun to. So I will probably not make the hot cross bun recipe from Peyton and Byrne again and probably not the honey buns either, as I can’t imagine them being much better than the hot cross buns but I think I will be giving the chelsea buns a try but if I do I am going to be very careful about the timings.


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