Carrion Comfort


I was still in a lengthy thriller frame of mind when I finished my last audiobook, Reamde, so I started to listen to the even lengthier Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons, a horror / thriller set in the early 80s, featuring a cast of ‘mind vampires’ who could control their victims every movement, turning them into zombie like slaves. Three of the elderly mind vampires are at war with one another and their activities bring them to the attention of Sal, a Polish concentration camp survivor and Natalie, the daughter of one of the elderly mind vampires victims. The elderly mind vampires are also bought to the attention of a syndicate of powerful politicians, businessmen and religious men, who also happen to share the same power . . .

Sounds quite good doesn’t it? Unfortunately it isn’t, it’s overly long, parts of it had been done before (particularly the whole evil coming from the concentration camp thing) and I found some of the scenes were overly gratuitous (and I am no prude, I assure you, it was just overkill). Large numbers of the supporting characters were incredibly wooden, however some of the characters, particular one of the elderly mind vampires, an extremely racist  old Southern ‘belle’ were more fleshed out and ‘interesting’.

And although I persisted with this book just to see how it ended, from the obvious set up towards a sequel right at the very end, I will not be rushing out to buy that.


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