3rd Gen*

One of the things I like about 8 is how you can watch their interests chrysalise and form, as they grow more independent in thought and deed by the day. Girl Lacer past the sheep like little girl running around waving a ribbon stage of dance classes some time ago (although her dance classes still occasionally involve ribbons, which they all still seize upon with grins on their faces) and as loads of little girls dropped out as it became more ‘rigorous’, Girl Lacer stayed on with determination and eagerness to learn more (although luckily with a reasonably sensible head as we had to convince her to drop tap from her trio of dance classes when it became too expensive as she moved up a grade). She’s been dancing for 5 years now and I can easily see her dancing into her teens.

Another interest that has grown and chrysalised has been embroidery, of course she’s grown up with me embroidering and has always expressed an interest but it’s wonderful to see her grow her ability with really absolutely no input from me. The materials are of course (scattered) around the house and if she can’t find it she knows where to ask (or ‘borrow’, often never to return). The other weekend I had popped to the allotment between shifts and as I returned back home in time to log on for my next shift, Girl Lacer greeted me at the door wanting to know if I had some black fabric, “Hmmm, yes,” I go, envisioning something complex planned that would require my help and although I would love to I was due on shift, “I’ll see if I can find some but I’m about to start work, I can’t really help you. What else do you need?”. She requested scissors better than her child’s scissors (I loaned her my precious dress making scissors on pain of death I got them back), a needle and thread, as she explained that her teddy Elcin was going to get married to Dolly and he needed a pair of trousers. So I found the material, scissors, thread and needle and once again reminded her I was about to start work and therefore any needle threading would be daddy’s domain. Ahhh but somehow in the space of time since she last did some sewing (her Easter embroidery) and now, she’d learnt to thread her own needle and tie knots at the end of the thread (maybe it was the prospect of having to ask the distinctly un-crafty daddy), so she made Elcin the most fetching pair of hand sewn wedding trousers ever (I’d go take a photo but I think Elcin is still on his honeymoon).

A few days later, with I admit, the remains of the trouser crafting plus some brightly coloured thread of my own from a project I was still working on, laying around, Girl Lacer appeared with a series of faces (one of which is the photo above), that she’d just embroidered, I hadn’t even realised she’d picked up needle and thread again for these ones, benefit I guess of leaving your craft stuff all over the place 😉 She’s now eyeing up a lovely bag of floss that arrived for me today (thank you Flor), with the ‘ominous’ but heart warming (to any crafting mother) “I could make stuff with that”. My craft stuff will never be safe again (she says tempted to hide the bag of floss).

NB: Other emerging interests of Girl Lacer: the guitar (thanks to her inspiring class teacher), Jessie J, gymnastics, Challenge TV (eek) and the complete works of Enid Blyton.

*3rd Gen because I think, as Girl Lacer is now doing embroidery without me even knowing she’s doing embroidery, whether she always has a piece of embroidery on the go (she says she wants to do a pattern next, a cat, I’m going to introduce her to the wonders of Hoop Love) or whether she only picks up a needle once in a blue moon, maybe something she’ll go through phases with as a child and might get more into as an adult but whatever happens embroidery is definitely something she can ‘do’ now (she has a repertoire of about three different stitches), so I would definitely call her an embroiderer. So that makes her 3rd Gen, as her mum (me, obviously) and my mum, embroidered before her (I’d love to know if embroidery goes further back in the family than three generations).


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