The Lifeboat

My latest audiobook listen was The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan and I really enjoyed it. Set at the dawn of World War I, it tells the story of the newly married Grace, a passenger on a boat that sinks in the Atlantic. Grace manages to board an overcrowded lifeboat and the story tells of what happened on the lifeboat, the politics and the very survival involved, as the passengers on the boat have to make some very difficult decisions.

There’s also back stories involving how Grace came to be married and a suspected robbery. The back stories weren’t as satisfactorily ended as the main story of what happened in the lifeboat but I guess, particularly with stories told from just one character’s point of view, you are never going to know the answers to everything.

But overall, as I said, I did enjoy this book, I found it very atmospheric and the main character very believable and I liked how her personality changed throughout the story as the result of her experiences.