Girl Lacer’s first Sublime Stitching piece

S's first sublime stitching piece

Girl Lacer has been stitching for a little while but she had yet to try a ‘proper’ pattern (she was doing her own designs) and funnily enough she said to me, a few weeks ago that she wanted to do a ‘proper’ pattern and that she wanted to do a cat. And as it happens the very lovely giddy99 had read my last blog post about Girl Lacer’s embroidery and she asked if it was ok if she could send Girl Lacer some embroidery stuff. Well, it arrived last week and my what a complete embroidery treasure trove, Girl Lacer was one extremely lucky girl. Amongst the goodies giddy99 sent were some Sublime Stitching patterns and one of them was the Cat-a-rama pattern set, so Girl Lacer fell on it immediately and started stitching, supremely confident about exactly what colours and materials she was going to use (all from her own little stash, Giddy made sure Girl Lacer was fully equipped). She happily stitched over the weekend and finished making it into a little cushion today.

Thank you Giddy for helping to give Girl Lacer such a great start in embroidery!


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