Jubilee cupcakes

365:153 Jubilee cakes

It was a class cake sale today and although I am not as keen and eager about cake sales as I used to be when my kids first started at the school (the number of times recently I’ve bought in Mr. Kipling or the equivalent) but hey, it’s the Jubilee and my Jubilee plans have been significantly quashed, so I thought I might as well make some Jubilee cupcakes whilst I could.

The cakes were made with the vanilla cupcake recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery: Cake Days book (not quite the same recipe – but very similar is The Hummingbird Bakery recipe from their first book here). The recipe from The Cake Days book did have significantly more sugar though and the result tasted overly sweet (which is saying something for a cupcake). The recipe did call for a buttercream style icing but I wanted something a lot simpler (and less sickly), so went for a simple icing sugar icing, coloured (admittedly pastelly), red, white and blue. However, although the cakes were too sweet, they were lovely and moist.

(A sign that I have way too many baking books, I had thought I hadn’t cooked from Cake Days before but a quick check on the blog, I’ve cooked not only from this book but the same recipe before and for another royal occasion)

I also attempted another Jubilee cake today but it really didn’t work, the cake didn’t rise enough, or should I say there just didn’t seem to be enough mixture. Also the cake wasn’t blue enough, I was too paranoid about avoiding what the instructions advised against, adding too much blue dye so that the cake turned green, in the end I just got a blue tinge. The cake was also a bit dry.

(Union Jack cupcake decorations made using this (scroll down to the ‘ribbon’) and cocktail sticks)


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