Crayon apron

Wrist update – the bandages hopefully come off tomorrow! Or should I say the bandages will come off tomorrow (I need my stitches out and quite frankly my current bandages are getting disgusting . . . just thought I’d share) but the big question is what will go on my wrist after the stitches have been removed? Just a very big plaster or something with more support? I haven’t moved my wrist in nearly two weeks, it’s gonna feel odd (and to be honest even with my current bandages on it still hurts on and off).

365:166 Crayon apron

Anyway no hurty wrist is gonna cramp my style too much (ok it has, craft wise I’ve been limited to bursts of cross stitch (embroidery is too much) and luckily, considering I had a deadline to make, in the last few days I’ve been able use the sewing machine). I’m part of the Whipstitch Sewing Buddy Project and the above crayon apron is part of mine and my buddy’s entry to the first sewing buddy challenge. The challenge was to make a matching something for a girl and boy, my partner Al made a crayon belt for a boy and I made a crayon apron. We both used the wonderful Summersville fabric (which I still have quite a bit left of, ooh I have so many plans for it, I think it makes an excellent accent fabric when mixed with other plain fabrics).


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