The better late than never Jubilee cushion

365:167 Jubilee Cushion (June embroidery journal)

I started this, eek, in April, with the aim of finishing it by the weekend of the Queen’s Jubilee (I do like commemorative stitching) but then the op on my wrist came along (bandages off by the way today and very big plaster on and boy do I have one hell of a scar) and not that I would have finished it in time anyway as by the time I had my op I had one more strut to do. So when I was back to being at least able to do cross stitch, I slowly worked my way through the last strut and then it took about another week for me to be able to unearth my sewing machine.

The pattern is by What Delilah Did (so chuffed I’ve finally found the patience somehow to  do one of her designs, as I’ve been admiring them for years) and this also counts as my June Embroidery Journal piece (even if I did cheat a bit and start it two months earlier!). I will admit that I did make a few mistakes on it but there is only one place where (at least to me, even in the photo above), the mistake is glaringly obvious. I definitely want to do another What Delilah Did design one of these days, as I think they’re beautiful (I already have her key pack) but for moment (and because I’ve cross stitched in just monochrome this year), I’ve started a project with a lot more colour!


7 thoughts on “The better late than never Jubilee cushion

    1. Thanks 🙂 (One of the jewels on one of the struts on the right sticks out too much because I miscounted stitches)

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